Vital ICE

Vital ICE is the premier In Case of Emergency app that helps save lives.

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Free for download, this public safety app locally stores user medical information, emergency contacts and more, and can be easily accessed by EMS and first responders in situations where the user is unable to speak or is otherwise incapacitated. First responders are given access to our back office site, where they can send emergency communications and other alerts to local app users.

Cole Family Funeral Home, LLCis presenting a life saving initiative to the area.

Vital ICE provices a platform on which to list your (and your dependents, if applicable) vital medicial information, such as blood type, allergies, medications, medical history, ICE contacts, and much more. The information will then be readily available to EMS and other First Responders when they need it most.

Please download the app and enter the code 0742 to start using today.